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This database features alternative experts who are available to the press. Their authority derives from either lived experience or professional expertise or both. The current categories are Care, Disability, Drugs, Economics, History, Housing, Labor and Military with more to come. For additional information please visit the About page.

Stephen Semler
Co-founder, Security Policy Reform Institute (SPRI)
Semler, who was based in the Middle East as an analyst for the international humanitarian response to the conflict in Syria, has experience in federal budget authorizations and appropriations, forensic weapons investigations and government relations advocacy. He’s listed with the Forum on the Arms Trade, a network of civil society experts and a point of contact for strengthening public efforts to address the implications of arms transfers, security assistance and weapons use. SPRI is an independent, grassroots think tank that promotes meaningful reform of U.S. foreign policy and seeks not only to break the cycle of endless war, but also to serve the economic, social and political needs of working-class Americans.

FOCUS: Military
ORGANIZATION: Security Policy Reform Institute

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